Ricochets rapides

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INSTRUCTIONS (non traduites, je suis d'une paresse...)

Guide the ball into the chute by clicking on the black reflectors.
The objective is to do this as fast as possible, clicking on as few reflectors as possible.
Click 'PLAY' to begin the game.
Click 'RESET' to reset the game board.
Avoid the black holes...they'll suck you up, then spit you out!


'Rebound' was inspired by an old brain teaser which involved making predictions about the emerging path of a laser beam guided by rotating mirrors. Changing the metaphor from a laser beam to a ball allowed the entire maze environment to be much more effectively utilized in the game design, and allowed for more complex and entertaining interactions between the user, the ball, and the maze. Only one level has been developed to test the feasibility of the idea and playability of the game, but more could be produced if there was enough interest...

Auteur: The Article 19 Group Inc